Patent Recognition Display

Case Study:
Over the years an impressive number of patents have been awarded to the accomplished group of engineers and innovators that call the Trane La Crosse facility home. Recently, the display that hosted the patents was filled to capacity and an expansion solution was needed.

Display Arts was consulted to help solve the many unique challenges of this project. Over a thousand patents would need to be featured on a wall with limited space, while leaving substantial room for many more patents to be added in the years to come. Vitally important was the desire to make it incredibly easy to update. Patents would need to freely shift as larger recognition plaques are added to honor master inventors.

The display came to life beautifully with bright, contemporary finishes and classic, stately lines. The plaques were engineered to move freely and stay aligned to a grid pattern. We’re proud to have contributed our expertise to properly honor the thinkers and makers of this great company.